Sunday, April 6, 2014

20 Months

Today my baby turned 20 months old!  Yikes!!!  The last couple of months have been so fun!  Mallorie's vocabulary is expanding daily, and I just love hearing her talk and use expressions when she does.  She is VERY opinionated and will let you know what she wants.  She must have gotten that from her Aunt La La!!hehe (also her obsession with shoes--Kim and Lauri, I will definitely be putting a budget on ya'll for future shoe shopping adventures!)  I just love this baby girl more than I can put into words! 

A little bit about Mallorie at 20 months:
- around 20 lbs and 29 in. tall
-wears 12 month clothing
-size 3/4 diaper
-loves to EAT!!!
-becoming quite the sweet eater as well (she LOVES MnM's and Oreos)
-loves being outide
-loves playing with her babies (still plays "night night" all the time- she will lay her babies down and pat them to sleep or make us lay down)
-has gone tee tee in the potty several times (lately she will tell me "I tee tee") when she goes in her diaper.
- loves Mickey Mouse, Sheriff Cali, and Bubble Guppies.
-dances to music by twisting and shaking her head like a bobble head.
-get's really excited when she hears a plain or a train and will either say airplane or choo choo.
-loves the slide- we go "wee" all the time (on an actual slide or sometimes just momma's legs)
-is the apple of my eye!!!



  1. Time flies so enjoy every moment. I am blessed to be able to see this little princess several times a week, but I love blogs! On those days when you just want to remember go to the blog. Thanks for the posts and I look forward to more. Love you.

  2. She's very adorable. Hope she will grow up happily to become a beautiful girl and achieve all her dreams.

    Helen@certification tesol